stand out + sell

with social_self_

do you feel invisible to your dream clients?

are you working endlessly on social media, but for some reason not converting followers into customers and clients?

if you're not showing up on instagram, creating a strong brand face and voice, you're probably sending them away... let's change that!

what sos includes:

the masterclass

we'll delve into creating a 'social self' which makes selling on instagram easy, stress-free and enjoyable!

you'll say no to stage-fright, yes to storytelling and HELL YEAH to absolutely owning your personal brand.

the workbook

transform the way you approach selling on social media by getting clear on the who, what and why of your personal brand.

  • niching, personifying, and standing out

  • conquering stage-fright and showing up authentically

  • content pillars, tone and voice - nailing your vibe

  • perfecting your page and self-auditing

the bonus content ideas

you'll start standing out and selling right away with a fabulous collection of content ideas and prompt by yours truly ... attracting customers has never been so easy!


are you ready for this?

stop feeling overwhelmed with work and underwhelmed with results

become a familiar face and trusted source in the creative industry

attract clients and customers so easily by just being YOU

this is right for you if

  • you run a small creative or indie business

  • you're tired of no one buying your products/services

  • creating content is difficult and draining

  • you're ready to get clear on how to stand out online

  • you want to attract sales without hustling 24/7

  • you know you need to invest in yourself to level up but don't want to break the bank

why social_self_?

  • i specialise in creative and indie biz, meaning whether you're a graphic designer, craft seller or perhaps a musician, photographer, event planer... who knows... i've got you covered.

  • everything i preach, i do. all my activities and tips are from personal experience of building creative business on instagram for myself and my clients.

  • i've done the trial and error so that you don't have to.

  • i'm here for the small biz CEO's! when you become part of the social_self_ family, I look after you <3 .

don't just take my word for it

"​Since [Erin] has worked with us, our followers have quadrupled and our posts create regular engagement and sales" -AM

"All we had to do was make the posts and share them, she did all the other work for us ... she’s been so supportive and given us so many ideas!" -AP

"think about using a social media advisor! I used @social_self_ who was SO helpful. I had no idea where to start with my instagram - what to post, when to post etc.. And she helped so much with everything!" -RB


let me tell you a secret...

there never feels like a 'perfect' time to start properly investing energy and money into your business - you have to take the leap.

if you do nothing today, you'll most likely be in the same place in 6 months time, only action creates real change!


the finer details:

sos masterclass

  • what is a 'social self' and why you need one

  • how to find your 'own social self'

  • steps you can take to show up with your 'social self' in order to stand out and sell out

  • how to use your workbook

3 part fillable workbook

  • steps to finding your 'social self'

  • my guide to nailing your online vibe

  • how to self-audit and apply your brand personality

content idea bank

  • 15 + content pillars

  • story prompts

  • done-for-you content templates 

  • copy and caption structures